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Desma Injection Machine for Safety Shoes & Work Boots Manufacturer
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Desma Injection Machine for Safety Shoes & Work Boots Manufacturer

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Desma Injection Machine for Safety Shoes & Work Boots

    Nowadays, there are two types of safety shoes producing machines. One is called Fully-Automatic Round Injection Machine, such as DESMA from Germany, MAINGROUP from Italy, MANY from China etc. Another is called Semi-Automatic Pouring Machine. More than 90% of pouring machine are made in China. What is the main difference of these two types machine?

    First, 50% less human workers. At end of 2021, Safetoe ordered one set MANY brand round injection machine, which need only 6 workers. One day they can produce about 800-900 pairs safety shoes . When we see the pouring machine, it will cost about 12-14 workers. Double workers means double human salary.

    Second, 30% higher bondness between upper & sole. As we know , fully-Automatic Injection Machine are equipped with one ABB roughing robot. It can work 10 hours per day without any rest, and roughing angel is 360°well done. When we see pouring machine, it need 1-2 human workers to do roughing. Obviously nobody can assure that these workers will be 100% in concentration, and the roughing angle is maximum 280°.

    Third, 25% higher bondness between midsole & outsole. If you already read our video, you will see one automatic heating device before midsole injector. This heating device is at 2000 degrees for 5 seconds. It will dry the safety shoes upper humility very fast, and also remove release agent inside machine-near-by air. After lab test, we found the bondness increased 20% than pouring machine shoes.

    Fourth, 90% less sole bubbles. As we all know, there will be some bubbles during PU foaming process. The traditional pouring machine works from-top-to-bottom way, there are more than 30 sole bubbles on one piece of safety shoe. However, Automatic Injection Machine works from-back-to-front process. There is no more than 5 sole bubbles on one piece safety shoe sole.  It greatly improves customer's satisfaction.

    Now you will ask, why some safety shoes factory buy pouring machine, not injection machine? My answer is budget cost. The current market price of one injection machine is about 90 million USD, not including shipping cost, import tax etc. But one pouring machine only cost about 50,000 USD. The cost is about 20 times. If these factory don’t have enough budget, they will buy pouring machine for a start.

    So, who will pay 20 times higher cost to buy full-automatic injection machine? Those big safety shoes and work boots brands, including U-power from Italy, Eltan from Germany, Safetoe from China, Deltaplus from French etc. These brands are very clear that, only excellent machine can produce excellent safety shoes. They need their brand to be top quality. In another word, quality is the first rule of a brand in fierce competition.

Desma injection machine for safety shoes manufacturer

(Remarks: You can watch automatic injection machine on youtube: https://youtu.be/5c0fllwMMGU)

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