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The best breathable leather safety shoes & work boots
As we all know, most safety shoes or work boots use cow leather uppers. Compared with sheep leather, cow leather's price is much lower. Compared with pigskin leather, cow leather is much stronger. The usage of cow leather is very comprehensive, such as shoes, bags, belts, sofas, car seats, etc.
November 07, 2022
Genuine Lamb Fur Lined Warm Winter Work Boots
Every year when winter comes, it's a painful time for workers who work outdoors, especially when it snows. In some cold countries, the outdoor temperature in winter may be minus 30 degrees or even lower. Then we should choose a pair of more warm safety boots from these four aspects...
October 10, 2022
Different workplaces need different sole safety shoes
Choose the most suitable sole for your safety shoes Generally speaking, there are 5 different sole materials for safety shoes, includes: PU/PU, PU/TPU, PU/Rubber, Rubber, EVA/rubber etc. According to our sales record, 80% of the safety shoes are made of the above five materials. Whether you are a ma
September 01, 2022
Safety Shoe or Work Boots Size
Safety Shoe or Work Boots Size Regarding the size of safety shoes or work boots, many people have been troubled with fitting problem. There are two main reasons. One is because different country has different size measurement. Another is because safety shoes front part has less inside room caused by
August 02, 2022
Safetoe18KV Electrical Safety Shoes
Safetoe Electric Hazard 18KV Safety Shoes Electrical Safety Shoes are made of insulating materials. It is designed for electric workers. According to USA ASTM F2412-18a, Clause 9, the test voltage is 18KV, and the test period is 1 minute. The leakage current should be less than 1.0 mA.
July 18, 2022
Why choose CE approved safety shoes?
Why choose CE approved safety shoes? Safety shoes are very important for workers' health and safety. Most countries around the world have their own safety shoe standards. For example, American safety shoe standard is called ASTM F2413-18. Canada safety shoe standard is called CSA.
July 11, 2022
Desma Injection Machine for Safety Shoes & Work Boots Manufacturer
Desma Injection Machine for Safety Shoes & Work Boots Nowadays, there are two types of safety shoes producing machines. One is called Fully-Automatic Round Injection Machine, such as DESMA from Germany, MAINGROUP from Italy, MANY from China etc. Another is called Semi-Automatic Pouring Machine.
July 04, 2022
Who is better? Steel toe safety shoes or composite toe safety shoes?
Who is better? Steel toe safety shoes or composite toe safety shoes? As we all know, safety shoes need to have a protective toe cap in front. This design is to prevent feet injury from falling objects, such as falling bricks, working tools etc. Many people will ask, when we buy safety shoes, should
July 02, 2022
Why need to apply UKCA certificate for safety shoes
After UK separated from EU since 30th January 202, Safety shoes certification become a big trouble to those safety shoes brand. First, those EN ISO 20345 certificates issued by UK testing lab don't work any more, such as Intertek, SGS, Satra etc. These certificates become a wasting paper for EU ma
June 28, 2022
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