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Our mission is to help you keep
your safety and comfort at the workplace.

Safetoe always puts SAFETY as our priority for customers who need high-quality, comfortable safety protection products.
Safetoe is a leading brand and manufacturer of safety footwear dedicated to delivering the finest products with exceptional comfort and cutting-edge design. Since its establishment in 2009, prioritizing safety and quality, Safetoe has earned a solid reputation in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) technology industry.
Our Mission:
Through constant technical innovation, Safetoe is committed to providing qualified and comfortable safety shoes, to reduce physical foot injuries caused by accidents, and chronic foot diseases caused by long-term work.

Our Vision:
Safetoe is committed to being one of the leading worldwide safety shoes suppliers. Bring safety, health, and hope to hard-working workers.

Our Values:
Worker Safety-Oriented, Worker Health-Oriented, Improve quality and fitting level through constant technical innovation.
The voice of the founder
"I have traveled to more than 40 countries around the world in the last 10 years. Very disappointingly, most workers are doing the hardest job in the world, but most of their safety shoes are bad quality and tough to wear. They have to face potential safety accidents from daily work and endure chronic foot diseases caused by long-term work.
After chatting with these workers, I learned that they don't want to pay for a famous brand of safety shoes, because most of their salary needs to pay for family expenses. That is why most workers wear cheap safety shoes at low prices. Therefore, we decide to build the Safetoe brand, to supply both qualified and comfortable-fitting safety shoes, at much lower prices even half of those famous brands. Bring both safety and health to those hard-working workers." 
-- Jay Yuan, Founder of Safetoe
Therefore, Safetoe continues to help low-income workers' families. Every year, we donate safety shoes to these families to assist them in working more safely.
At Safetoe, quality is always our top priority. We have established strategic partnerships with the UK SGS laboratory and the Germany TUV laboratory. We ensure that every pair of our safety shoes meets the quality standards approved by CE (Europe), UKCA (UK), CSA (Canada), and ASTM (US). Our commitment to using safety materials significantly reduces the risk of physical foot injuries caused by "safety accidents".
Safetoe has been dedicated to creating comfortable safety shoes for 10 years. Many workers who stand for over 10 hours a day experience various foot health issues. To tackle this, we've created new materials and designs to greatly reduce foot diseases caused by prolonged work.
Safetoe employs professional footwear designers from Europe. Considering both ergonomic and aesthetic aspects, we have incorporated numerous innovative technologies into our shoe designs and shapes. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a footwear solution that not only fits perfectly but also exudes a sense of style and confidence for every user.
Safetoe adopts German fully automatic injection technology.

Our History

Production and management are in strict accordance with ISO9001 standards so that our efficiency
and quality are ahead of competitors.


Professional Standards

INTERTEK lab from the UK helped us to build the first testing room and taught us how to control quality, especially for European customers’ orders.


Efficient Work

In 2016, Safetoe joined lab CTC from France, lab ISI from Israel, lab SASO from Saudi Arabia. We now have 40 sets of CE certificate, around 80% of our models are CE certified.

2019 01

New Nigerian & Yemeni Partners
Congratulation to Safetoe Middle East Team. Safetoe has reached exclusive agreements with Nigerian partners and Yemeni partners during the Dubai Intersec exhibition. In the future, both Nigerian and Yemeni customers can order Safetoe products locally.


Perfect Performance

Safetoe plans to certify 90% of our models, and reach zero complaints from our customers.
Now, Safetoe annual sales exceeded 85,500,000 USD, it has become one of the largest safety products suppliers in China.

2020 10

Germany Warehouse Starts Operation
The German warehouse started operating, serving major countries in Western Europe such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy,  Netherlands, Poland, etc. European customers can expect to receive their orders from the Duisburg warehouse in just 7-10 days.

2022 03

Desma 30 Position PU Injection Machine

To increase the production capacity of Safetoe safety shoes, we introduced newly German technology 30 Position injection machine. It start working successfully today. Welcome to consult new order from us.

Safetoe Certificates

Given us a leading position in the new technologies of the safety products industry


In 2015, 
our company was conducted by the Germany TUV lab on-site, become one of TUV Assessment Supplier.


In 2015, 
we sold 1.2 million pairs of safety shoes to 58 countries.
Now 80% of our products are CE approved. 


In 2010, 
we joined the France CTC lab. We built our testing room with the help of CTC.


In 2013, 
our company got supervised and audited on-site by the Switzerland SGS lab.


In 2010,
we joined the UK Intertek lab and started to develop European market since then.


In 2012, 
we joined the Saudi Arabia lab. Our products entered the Middle East market.

Production Strength

Production and management are in strict accordance with ISO9001 standards, so that our efficiency and quality are ahead of competitors.
Updated Figures And Facts


17 + Years 
Company Experience


58 + Global 
Distributors & Partners


120 + Millions 
Total Annual Sales


8+ Exhibitions 
Each Year
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Worldwide Leading Safety Protection Products Supplier.
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