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You Should Know the Features and Sizes of Your Shoes
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You Should Know the Features and Sizes of Your Shoes

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If you need to put on a pair of work boots before you go to work, you should choose the best option. Being on your feet all day means you need a pair of shoes that fit properly. You don't want to come home feeling like your feet are about to fall off. Your choice will depend on several factors, including whether you need extra protection. Perhaps you just want a pair of safety shoes that will give you lasting comfort. Depending on what you're working on, you may have to find boots that are stronger and more durable than the standard options, such as our safety shoes.

Here is the content list:

  • Shoes with extra safety features

  • The size of the boot is important

Shoes with extra safety features

When looking for new safety shoes, you may notice some additional safety features.

1. Protection from static electricity or electrical hazards.

2. Water-resistant or waterproof.

3. Resistant to penetration.

4. Metatarsal guards.

5. Chemical resistance.

6. Anti-slip and oil resistant.

Think of the hazards that can arise in your work. No matter what, you need to be protected.

Important tip: Don't stop at toe protection. Depending on what your job might involve, look for enhanced safety features to cover all your needs.

The size of the safety shoe is important

Comfortable safety shoes feel good because they are the right size. The fit of your shoes affects how you feel when you wear them. If it's not right, it can also have an impact on your work performance. Therefore, you should not rush or skip the fitting process. Try on as many pairs as possible before you buy. Even if you think a pair looks good, you should make sure it's not too short or narrow; otherwise, your feet will be cramped. Also, choosing boots that are too big won't allow you to move comfortably.

Test the length of the boot by sliding your foot forward. Your toes should touch the front of the shoe. Then, bend your knee forward. If you can place your index finger between the back of the safety shoe and the heel, you will know the length is correct.

The shoe should bend at the ball of each foot. Never choose a boot that bends at the arch of your foot, as this means it doesn't provide enough support.

The laces should help to hold your feet in place without feeling uncomfortable.

When the weather is hot, your feet will swell at the end of the day. You may want to try on shoes after you have finished work so you can check how big your feet are after a long day's work. Also, make sure you have the right socks ready.

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