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The best breathable leather safety shoes & work boots
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The best breathable leather safety shoes & work boots

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As we all know, most safety shoes or work boots use cow leather uppers. Compared with sheep leather, cow leather's price is much lower. Compared with pigskin leather, cow leather is much stronger. The usage of cow leather is very comprehensive, such as shoes, bags, belts, sofas, car seats, etc. What type of cow leather is more suitable for breathable safety shoes? Let's have a brief talk today. We'll discuss five common types of cow leather used in safety footwear.

Here is the content list:

  • Full-grain cow leather

  • Nubuck cow leather

  • Embossed cow leather

  • Smooth-corrected cow leather

  • Suede cow leather

Full-grain cow leather

Full-grain cow leather is the most commonly used for work boots because it is more suitable for waterproof treatment. For example, Safetoe Antler NBK work boots adopt full-grain cow leather for uppers.

M-8025NBK black work boots

Nubuck cow leather

Nubuck cow leather is also widely welcomed, especially dark brown ones. Some leather factories will add specific oil to the leather and give it a fashion name called crazy horse leather. Take our best-seller, Antler NB work boots M-8025NB, as an example, it uses dark brown nubuck cow leather.

8025NB brown leather work boots

Embossed cow leather

Embossed cow leather is commonly used in economical work boots. It was made from raw smooth leather with patterns through specific processes. The embossed cow leather work boots can be paired with light-blue jeans, making them very popular among construction workers. Safetoe Thunder work boots M-8027 is a classic hot item that uses embossed cow leather.

8027- waterproof work boots

Smooth-corrected cow leather

Smooth-corrected cow leather is a derivative of full-grain cow leather, and the price will be 20-30% lower. Some leather may be bitten by the mosquito during the growth of cattle or damaged by scarring during slaughter. The leather factory will make a special coating to cover the surface defects. It sounds like a lady using powder to cover their face freckles. For instance, Safetoe's hot-selling military boot, the Tracer work boot is made of this leather. Because the price is slightly lower, making it is popular among young workers.

military boots

Suede cow leather

Today's focus is suede cow leather, a kind of cow leather that is designed for air ventilation. Leather factories abase the surface skin of cow leather to make perfect ventilation. Suede cow leather shoes can effectively reduce the temperature and humidity inside the shoes, especially in spring and summer. So this kind of leather is perfect for safety sneakers and athletic safety shoes.

L-7508 Antelope Grey Breathable Safety Shoes

Therefore, the Safetoe Antelope safety shoe L-7508 uses sue cow leather for the uppers. It is a new-designed safety shoe, especially suitable for people who have the problem of sweaty feet. The suede leather is with excellent air permeability. The safety shoe uses a composite toecap and Kevlar plate to replace the heavy steel toe and steel plate to reduce weight. Besides, the sole is made of dual-density PU/PU with the German Desma technology, to replace heavy rubber material. That is why the shoes are very welcome for their comfortable and lightweight.

To conclude, different types of leather are suitable for boots with various needs. To choose the ideal leather safety shoes or work boots, you should choose according to your work needs, personal preferences, and budget.

If you're interested in our safety shoes, you can contact us through our website www.safetoe.net Look forward to cooperating with you.

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