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Why choose CE approved safety shoes?
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Why choose CE approved safety shoes?

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Why choose CE approved safety shoes?

    Safety shoes are very important for workers' health and safety. Most countries around the world have their own safety shoe standards. For example, American safety shoe standard is called ASTM F2413-18. Canada safety shoe standard is called CSA. UK safety shoe standard is called UKCA after separated from Europe. China safety shoe standard is called LA. Europe safety shoe standard is called CE EN ISO 20345:2011.

    For those countries without their own standards, most governments will follow the standards of these leading countries. For example, most South American countries accept USA ASTM standard.  Most African and Middle Eastern countries accept Europe CE standard. Most Asia countries accept China LA standard.

    CE standard is very popular, and also very strict standard in the safety shoe market. If you want to import safety shoes to Europe, you must have an approved CE certificate for custom clearance. Furthermore, some governments will open the container, and test the safety shoes again temporarily. If the test is all approved, congratulation, you are allowed to import and sell safety shoes to the whole Europe market.  If the test fails, I am sorry, the safety shoes must be returned to where you import them from or destroyed directly. That is why we said, ordering and importing CE approved safety shoes is very important, no matter these safety shoes are for men or women.

    For Africa and the Middle East importers, we recommend buying safety shoes with a CE certificate. Apart from political factors, if you have safety shoes with CE, it means qualified products. They also ensure the quality of leather bondness, slip-resistant, anti-static, abrasion resistant, etc. The approved safety shoes are safe to end users, and also make the importer a good brand name.

    So, another important thing is that the cost of CE certification is very expensive. That is why there are many fake labs to issue fake certificates, which will only cost you 10% or 20% within 1-2 days. You will get one fake certificate. But you must take care, these fake certificates are not only invalid but also cause great damage to your company's reputation. Therefore, try to find a well-known Europe lab, such as Switzerland SGS, Germany TUV, Italy Intertek, France CTC, etc. One word, far away from fake certificates.

    Safetoe works with SGS and Intertek lab to apply CE certificate. For example, the best-selling industrial safety shoe L-7501 was issued by the SGS lab. High quality is the key point for long-term business.

L-7501 Safetoe CE Certificate for safety shoes

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