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Safetoe18KV Electrical Safety Shoes
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Safetoe18KV Electrical Safety Shoes

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Safetoe Electric Hazard 18KV Safety Shoes

Electrical Safety Shoes are made of insulating materials. It is designed for electric workers. According to USA ASTM F2412-18a, Clause 9, the test voltage is 18KV, and the test period is 1 minute. The leakage current should be less than 1.0 mA.

On the package, the safety shoes should be marked with EH (Electric Hazard) on the label or sticker. So when workers buy and use the shoes, they can know clearly it pass EH 18KV test. Meanwhile, we have to take care of the transportation, esp to avoid raining water and other chemical or corrosive items.

Caution issues:

1. Don't use electrical safety shoes with a voltage higher than 18KV. It will break the shoes within one minute.

2. Don't get electrical safety shoes wet during work. It is strictly forbidden to wear it after getting wet from rain or water. Electrical safety shoes are not allowed to wear during rainy days.

3. Don't wear the electrical safety shoes if the soles are punctured by sharp objects, such as nails, sharp stone, etc. Replace with new safety shoes immediately if old shoes are broken.

4. When you are working, wear electrical safety shoes together with other electrical safety products, such as electrical gloves, electrical helmets, etc.

5. Keep the electrical safety shoes in their original packaging, under ordinary temperature and non-humidity conditions, and on clean, covered, and ventilated premises.

6. Clean footwear regularly with high-quality cleaning treatments recommended as suitable for the purpose. Don't use caustic or corrosive cleaning agents.

We are hereby to recommend Safetoe electrical safety shoe model M-8356RB. It is tested under ASTM 18KV by the SGS lab and marked with an Electric Hazard label.

M-8356RB Safetoe Electrical Safety Shoes

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