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Genuine Lamb Fur Lined Warm Winter Work Boots
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Genuine Lamb Fur Lined Warm Winter Work Boots

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Every year when winter comes, it's a painful time for workers who work outdoors, especially when it snows. For example, in cold countries such as the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, and Sweden, the outdoor temperature in winter may be minus 30 degrees or even lower. Then we should choose a pair of more warm safety boots for that time.

You need to choose a pair of warm safety boots from these aspects:

  • Comfortable warm wool fur lining

  • Slip-resistant outsoles for wintertime

  • Comfortable and breathable insoles

  • Anti-smash and anti-puncture materials for winter

Choose a comfortable warm wool fur lining.

Generally speaking, people will not choose low-cut safety shoes in the wintertime. They prefer to wear a pair of high-cut ankle work boots, or knee-height rigger work boots. It would be much better if the work boots were wool fur lined. According to our market research, there are mainly 3 types of wool fur lining.

1. Fake wool fur

The price is cheap, but the quality is poor. Many sellers will advertise their winter work boots are made with genuine wool fur. But when we wear it, it is not warm as advertised, and even very uncomfortable due to fake fur. There is a small tip to learn whether it is fake or real fur. We can grab a little wool on the boots top, and burn it with a lighter. The fake fur will melt into a ball shape as quickly as other plastic products, and the smell is also very pungent. We do not recommend buying such low-quality fake wool fur work boots.

2. Real wool fur

The price will be a bit higher, but the thermal insulation is good. We can test it in the same way. When the lighter burns the fur, we find it will become a powder shape, not a ball shape. The smell is similar to that of burning human hair. That means it is made of genuine real fur.

3. Real fur & lamb leather combination

The price is much more expensive, and the heat preservation performance is also much better. The wool fur is directly connected with sheepskin to achieve the inner part of the shoe. However, there is one disadvantage, it is too thick for a boot. It means we have to buy 1-2 sizes larger. Otherwise, you can put your feet inside the work boots.

No matter what kind of wool fur, the main colors are white, beige, gray and black, etc. People usually prefer white or beige color, because it looks more like real fur. But the different colors make no difference in cold resistance. When it comes to cold resistance and warmth retention, leather materials used in winter work boots also need to be considered. We usually recommend customers buy full-grain cow leather work boots for better protection.

Choose slip-resistant outsoles for wintertime.

About the winter work boots sole, we do not recommend the use of PU, PVC, or TPR material, especially for snow time. When the winter temperature is lower as -10℃ or even lower, the soles will be very hard and cause slippery. It will make people fall easily and cause industrial injuries. We recommend using rubber material, such as PU/rubber, EVA/rubber, or nitrile rubber. Even in snow time, the anti-slip performance is still very stable.

Comfortable and breathable insoles are essential for winter work boots.

About winter work boots insoles or insocks, we see many brands will use wool fur for insoles. They will bring two main problems, whether real or fake wool. One is that wool insoles are easy to slip, making users very uncomfortable during walking. Another problem is that the wool fur will stick to your socks with feet sweat. It will make workers' feet very uncomfortable, and difficult to dry them. Therefore, we still recommend people buy thick insoles with mesh on top, which can absorb sweat very well and have strong friction, so they will not be tired during walking.

Choose correct toecaps and midsole plates for winter work boots.

Finally, regarding toe protection and anti-penetration material, most brands still choose to use steel toe caps and steel midsole plates. We think it is a mistake. As we know, metal material has good heat and cold conductivity, it can quickly reduce the temperature inside the boots, especially the steel toe part. If workers wear it at a low temperature for a long time, it will cause frostbite on their toes. Therefore, we strongly recommend using a non-metallic composite toecap and kevlar plate, they are more suitable for winter work boots.

This winter is likely to be very cold. Safetoe has designed a new winter work boots called H-9550. The whole boots are made in full-grain cow leather. The inner lining is made of real lamb wool fur. The soles are made in cold-resistant and slip-resistant PU/Rubber soles. And the insoles are made of comfortable thickened memory foam insoles. If you are interested in the boots, you can click the link below to view more details.


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