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Electrical Hazard Insulation Rubber Eh Rated Safety Work Boots
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Electrical Hazard Insulation Rubber Eh Rated Safety Work Boots

Product Specification
1. Upper : Waterproof Smooth Cow Leather
2. Lining : Ventilate Sandwich Air Mesh
3. Insole : EVA Coated Mesh Insole
4. Outsole : Dual-Density Polyurethane/Rubber Injection (HRO 300°)
5. Toecap : Composite Toe Cap
6. Penetration : Flexible Kevlar Midsole Plate
7. Size : EU 37-47#, UK 3-13#, US 4-14#
8. Standard:  CE EN ISO 20345:2011 SBP+I SRC
9. Suitable  Application : suitable for various industries such as Construction, Logistics, Mechanics, Glasses Installation, Workshop, Oil & Gas, Chemical Factory, etc.

EH work boots featuresEH work boots with composite toe, kevlar plate, cow leather upper, and PU/RUBBER outsoles

Upper, Lining & Bonding Strength Test Result Result
Leather Tear Strength ≥ 120.0 Newtons
Leather Tensile Properties ≥ 15.0 N/mm²
Lining Tear Strength ≥ 15.0 N/mm
Bonding Strength ≥ 4.0 N/mm
√ Protection with Composite Toecap (200 Joules) Result
Impact Resistance: Impact Energy: 200 ± 4 Joules, Internal Height Clearence ≥ 14mm      Compression Resistance: Compression Force: (15 ± 0.1) KN, Internal Height Clearence ≥ 14mm PASS
√ Penetration Resistance (1100 N)
Penetration Resistance Force ≥ 1100 N PASS
√ Protection With Slip Resistant (SRC) Result

Test Requirement : SRA (Eurotile 2+Nal S) Forward Heel Slip ≥0.28 & Forward Flat Slip: ≥0.32

SRB (Steel Floor+Glycerine) Forward Heel Slip ≥0.13 & Forward Flat Slip: ≥0.18

Standards : EN ISO20344:2011(5.11) , SRC Means both SRA & SRB requirements are fulfilled.
√ Protection Against Heat Risk 300℃


Test Requirement : The Outsole Did Not Melt & Did Not Develop Any Cracks When Bent Aound Mandrel PASS
Standards : ENISO 20344:2011(8.7). 300℃ HRO=Heat Resistant
√ Protection Resistant to Fuel Oil Result
Test Requirement : Change in Volume and Change in Hardness (Outsole) is No More Than +12%(*) PASS
Standards : ENISO 20344:2011(8.6.1)

√ Sole Bonding Strength Test


• EN ISO 20344:2011, 5.2 (Between Upper & Sole)
• Average Test Result 5.8±5 (N/mm)

PU Rubber outsole for EH work boots

SAFETOE Standard Package Instruction (Average 42# for Reference)
Shoes Weight : 1.2-1.3 KGS /Pair  Carton Weight : 13-14 KGS /Carton
1 Pair / Color Box , Dimensions : 32×23×12CM 10 Pair / Carton , Dimensions : 62×47×33CM

electrical work boots with standard package

User Instructions

1) RECOMMENDED TO USE: Mechanics, Construction, Logistics, Workshop, Farming, Glasses Installation, Gardening Work, Oil & Gas Station, Chemical Factory, etc.

2) LIMITATION TO USE: The selected footwear must be suitable for the right workplaces. The protection against risks or hazards which are not mentioned in this document is not warranted.

3) FITTING & SIZE: All footwear is marked with standard size on the tongue label. Some are with different size comparisons, such as EU size, UK size, US size, etc. Please wear safety footwear in a suitable size. Otherwise, footwear that is too loose or too tight may not provide the optimum level of protection.

4) STORAGE: Keep the footwear in its original packaging, under ordinary temperature, non-humidity conditions, and in clean, covered, and ventilated premises.

5) CLEANING: Clean footwear regularly with high-quality cleaning treatments recommended as suitable for the purpose. Don't use caustic or corrosive cleaning agents.

EH work boots in blackEH work boots in black with waterproofHeavy Duty EH work boots in blackWaterproof EH work boots in black



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