Port of destination: Sydney

Model: M-8025

Quantity: 7200

In 2012, our customer in Australia to order a 20'HQ container Of the model M-8025, it is satisfied with the quality of the shoe and since it we send containers regularly.


Port of destination: Lautoka

Model: L-7268

Quantity: 6800

In 2013, we sent our client in Fiji safety shoes adapted to the tropical climate of the islands, namely model L-7268. The latter to meet a huge success with the workers.

Marshall Islands:

Port of destination: Kwajalein

Model: M-8176

Quantity: 3000

In 2014 we sent our customer to the Marshall Islands 3000 pairs of model M-8176.This model is one of the easily adaptable model to different industry.

Nauru :

Port of destination: Nauru

Model: M-8010

Quantity: 2800

In 2014; Our client in Nauru ordered us & nbsp; 2800 pairs of M-8010 safety shoes one of our best-sellers. He is very satisfied with the quality and service after sales.

New Zealand:

Port of destination: Tarakohe

Model: M-8025

Quantity: 2800

In 2016; Our customer in New Zealand ordered us 2800 pairs of Safety footwear reference model for lace-up safety shoes M-8025 one of our best-sellers.

Papua New Guinea :

Port of destination: Moresby

Model: M-8025

Quantity: 1500

In 2016; Our client in Papua New Guinea & nbsp; We ordered 1500 pairs of Safety footwear from the famous M-8025 lace-free model, it is very satisfied with the quality of our products.

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