Middle East
Saudi Arabia:

Port of destination: Ras tanura

Model: L-7222

Quantity: 1500

In   2012, we became a member of SASO, from this year we started to sell in the Middle East market. Our Saudi client was one of the first to approach us for reference L-7222.


Port of destination: Bahreïn

Model: M-8178

Quantity: 1500

In   2014, our client in Bahrain ordered 1500 pairs of safety shoes from our M-8178 references. A high-end nubuck leather model. Satisfied with the quality of the product and the professionalism of our teams, he regularly recommends.

United Arab Emirates:

Port of destination: Fujairah

Model: L-7294

Quantity: 3000

In   2013, we sent our customer to the United Arab Emirates a container of 3000 safety shoe model L-7294.

Iran :

Port of destination: Bandan Abbas

Model: M-8183

Quantity: 3000

In   2014, our Iranian customer ordered us the model M-8183 with a heat-resistant footbed and conforms to the HRO test, satisfied with the results of the tests, we recommended other models with the same sole.

Israel :

Port of destination: Ashkelon

Model: M-8138 et M-8025

Quantity: 3000

In   2015, our client introduces for the first time, our brand SAFETOE in Israel, selling in 8 different stores. He first ordered the models M-8138 and M-8025 before ordering other references.

Jordan :

Port of destination: Aqaba

Model: M-8025

Quantity: 1200

Recently in 2016, our customer in Jordan ordered us 1200 pairs of one of our best-sellers the M-8025, safety shoe without reference laces.

Kuwait :

Port of destination: Shuwaikh

Model: H-9001

Quantity: 1500

In 2012, our client from Kuwait ordered us safety boots conforming to the HRO test, we adapted our best-seller the H-9001 with a conformal sole.

Oman :

Port of destination: Muscat

Model: M-8138

Quantity: 12800

Since 2012, we manufacture our M-8138 safety shoe for our Oman customer. Satisfied with our quality and professionalism, he orders us every month.

Qatar :

Port of destination: Doha

Model: L-7006

Quantity: 7000

Since & nbsp; 2013, we manufacture for our customer of Qatar Shoes safety model M-7006, one of the best-selling. We regularly refresh our stock.

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