Heat resistant safety shoes L-7289
Heat resistant safety shoes L-7289
Heat resistant safety shoes L-7289

User manual
Model Standard Catagory
L-7289 EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC
Upper Black nubuck cow leather
Lining Air mesh lining & amp; Resistant to Abrasion
Insock Anti-static, and ventilated EVA
Outsole PU/Rubber injection
Tested By UK Intertek lab (Approved body:0362)
Toe Steel toecap 200 joules
Penetration Steel plate 1100 newtons
Size Euro 36-47#, UK 3-13#


The outsole is made of natural rubber with 15-20% nitrile. The side is sewn with kevlar thread, to improve the binding force between the top and the sole. The rubber material resists 300 ℃ of heat, the latter passes the HRO test, as well as the SRC non-slip.


The ventilation fabric can absorb 90% sweat and keeps feet dry. U-design heel support can disperse the pressure of human weight, and reduce the friction between the feet and shoes. The EVA material is flexible and flexible to increase comfort while walking.

Toe protection

The steel toecap end piece can reach 200 joules, it is lighter than that of iron.

Penetration protection

The steel plate sole, is resistant to penetration, lighter and more flexible than the normal iron plate.

Weight & Packages

1. Weight: 1.3-1.4 KGS/Pair

2. Each pair by color box, box size: 32*32*12CM

3. 10 Pairs are packed in one carton, carton size: 64*65*33CM

1. Recommend place: Basic workplace, construction, transport industry, normal factory, mining, metal factory,food industry etc

2. It is very important that shoes selected must be suitable for the workplace and environment. The protection against risks or hazards which are not mentioned in this document is not warranted. The levels of performance mentioned are not valid for fire, water, electric etc.

3. Keep in its original packaging, under ordinary temperature and humidity conditions and in clean, covered and ventilated premises.

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