Port of destination: Valparaiso

Model: H-9438

Quantity: 2800

At the end of 2015, we sent our customer in argentine 2800 pairs of safety boots of references H-9438. Its safety footwear is suitable for security guards.


Port of destination: Santos

Model: L-7147

Quantity: 6800

In 2012, our Brazilian customer ordered us 6,800 pairs of safety shoe of model L-7147. Noting the quality of our product and our service after sales he orders us regularly.


Port of destination: Arica

Model: M-8370

Quantity: 1500

Recently in 2016 our new Bolivian customer ordered 1,500 pairs of safety shoe of the model M-8370 for the tested in the Bolivian markets, his return was very positive he even ordered new models since.


Port of destination: Arica

Model: M-8010

Quantity: 3000

In 2014 our Chilean customer ordered 3000 pairs of model M-80110 of our safety shoes. An entry-level model with unbeatable value for money.

Costa Rica:

Port of destination: Puera limon

Model: M-8058

Quantity: 7200

In 2013 our we sent our Costa Rican customer a container with 7200 pairs of safety shoe model M-8058 & nbsp; In nubuck. The customer is very satisfied with the quality of leather and shoes.

United States:

Port of destination: San Francisco

Model: M-8215

Quantity: 7000

We ship to the United States various models of our safety shoes, one of the most successful models and the M-8215 thanks to its robustness, design and integrated reflective stripes.


Port of destination: Rosarito terminal

Model: M-8010

Quantity: 3000

By 2015 our Mexican customer has ordered a container of the M-8010 safety shoe model, one of our best-sellers. Satisfied with the quality and the service after sales it commands us regularly.


Port of destination: Cristobal

Model: L-7261

Quantity: 3000

In 2013 with our Panama customer, we based our model L-7261, to manufacture a product adapted to its needs. Satisfied with the results, we are always cooperating for the development of new products adapted to its market.

Dominican Republic:

Port of destination: Caucedo

Model: M-8076

Quantity: 3200

In 2012 our client from the Dominican Republic ordered us a container of the model M-8076, a best-sellers in its market, very satisfied with the quality of our products it commands us regularly.


Port of destination: Caracas

Model: M-8057

Quantity: 2800

In 2016, with our Venezuelan customer, we relied on our model M-8057 to create safety footwear adapted to the demand of its market. He is delighted with the result of our collaboration and we are working on a new model together.

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