Africa from South:

Port of destination: Durban

Model: L-7096 / L-7019

Quantity: 7200

In 2014, our client in South Africa to order a 20'HQ container of the L-7096 and L-7019 models for doctors and nurses.


Port of destination: Alger
Model: L-7147
Quantity: 7200

In 2015, our Algerian customer to order a 40'HQ container from the model L-7147. It is one of the largest distributor of safety footwear   in Algeria.


Port of destination: Luanda
Model: M-8307
Quantity: 3000

In 2016, we sent our Angolan customer 3000 pairs of model M-8307 adapted to his market. Our customer and end users of safety shoes are satisfied with the quality and comfort of our shoes.


Port of destination: Douala
Model: M-8010
Quantity: 3000

In   2015, our Cameroonian customer to order 3000 pairs of our most popular model M-8010, with a rubber / kevlar sole, for workers working in mines.


Port of destination: Said
Model: M-8025
Quantity: 6800

Since the end of 2014, our Egyptian client & nbsp; We ship regular orders for the M-8025 with a rubber / kevlar sole for mining. It is the safety shoe without steel.


Port of destination: Tema
Model: M-8025
Quantity: 7200

In   December 2013, we started exporting our shoes to Africa   from West. Our customer from Ghana ordered 7000 pairs of the model M-8025. Currently, he has become our agent in West Africa.


Port of destination: Conakry
Model: M-8349
Quantity: 7200

In 2015, for our Guinean customer, we developed a model of Safety footwear adapted to the needs of its local market from Our model M-8349. After launching it on the Guinean market, the return on customer satisfaction and the quality was positive.


Port of destination: Casablanca
Model: M-8010 M-8001 et L-7268
Quantity: 12800

In   2010 we joined forces with one of the leaders of the Morocco market in EPP. We have developed, in collaboration with its design offices, all its product range.


Port of destination: Dar essalam
Model: M-8349
Quantity: 3200

In   2014, we have customized for our Tanzanian customer safety footwear in nubuck leather and fabric based on our model M-8349 and adapting it to its need. Today, he has become one of the leaders in the safety footwear market in Tanzania and we are making several models for him.

Tunisia :

Port of destination: Tunis
Model: M-8025
Quantity: 2800

Recently in early 2016, we sent 6800 pairs of the M-8025 to our Tunisian customer. It is very satisfied with the quality and comfort of shoes.

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