SAFETOE whose address is at Building 6, Luxiang road 111, Shanghai, China, was established in 2009. It is a company specializing in safety shoes and other PPE products including safety gloves, safety helmet, safety glasses, safety mask etc... Since its establishment 12 years ago, through unremitting efforts, as of 2019, SAFETOE has 28 exclusive agents worldwide including Dubai, Uganda, Thailand, Qatar, Algeria etc, with annual sales of 3.8 million pairs to 80 countries, and total annual sales of 70 million US dollars. In the meantime, our company participates in 6 domestic and foreign exhibitions each year, with an average annual investment of about 200,000 US dollars, in order to enhance brand influence and penetrate the market.

In 2010, in order to enhance our quality control ability, Safetoe became membership of INTERTEK lab from UK, who

helped us to build one testing room, and taught us how to control quality, esp for Europe customers’ order.

In 2012, Safetoe became membership of CTC lab from France.

In 2014, Safetoe became membership of ISI lab from Israel.

In 2016, Safetoe became membership of SASO from Saudi Arabia. Now we have 40 sets CE certificate, around 80% of our models are CE certified.

In 2019, Safetoe plan to certified 90% of our models, and reach 0 complaints from our customers.

The sales volume is still growing at an annual growth rate of 15%. Safetoe has registered brands in 45 countries around the world. We have always adhered to the "world-leading" safety shoe brand management philosophy, and comprehensively constructed the core competitiveness of the company's products through the implementation of brand influence, strict quality control, comfortable and stylish design, and competitive prices, Welcome to join us.

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